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This document contains the 2014 updated Constitution.


Owners Area

A Way Forward for the Plas Talgarth Country Club

Whilst the majority of owners at Plas Talgarth continue to enjoy the benefits of their ownership, the committee has recognised that some members who are up to date with their maintenance fees may wish to relinquish ownership either now or in the future. There is however no means of relinquishing ownership other than through the sale or transfer of ownership to another party.

For this reason we have been working with other club committees and Macdonald Resorts Limited (MRL) to attempt to find a means of providing an exit opportunity for some owners, without disadvantaging those that choose to remain.

A possible way forward was presented to the Club AGM in November 2010 and would involve transferring ownership of a number of apartments to MRL and accordingly out of the Club. An outline can be found in the draft AGM minutes.

Following the mandate issued we wrote to all PT owners with further information and asking them to complete and return a questionnaire. The information received was analysed to allow us to determine the wishes of the individual owners, to evaluate the viability of a proposal, and identify the apartments that might be transferred to MRL.

As a result  a motion was put to the 2011 AGM , this was accepted and  provided the basis of further consultation.

Following the  small response to this initiative, we negotiated the proposals put to the 2014 SGM.

The owners on the committee

2014 SGM

The changes to the Constitution  put  the owners at the SGM  in August 2014 were accepted by 96% of the owners that voted

The club in accepting the changes has moved from a fixed week to a points base. This has a small effect on the way you enjoy your holidays from 2016 onwards, as you will need to book your future holiday requirements. If you wish to keep to your apartment and week (subject to conditions) then you will need to use the special two week window that will be exactly 12 months in advance. Full details of the new points system are available.

The other major change is that there is now a way to exit the Club. This is available every two years, commencing in September 2014.

2014 AGM


Note! These minutes are Unapproved.

2013 AGM


2013 AGM Minutes

These are the Approved Minutes

Points Table

August 2014 SGM Pack together with minutes, but see below for Points information and the amended Constitution

This is a copy of the Options Points Table for reference across the Clubs.

2014 SGM


2014 AGM


2014 Notice of AGM  together with

Club Accounts at 30th June 2014

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PT Week Nos

Pet Policy at Plas Talgarth

Owners only are allowed Pets at Plas Talgarth. This document sets out the policy.

Using Points to Exchange?

For RCI - Just bank your points it is a point for point basis.

For DAE - Book a week with MRL, then bank as before. Click here for more detail

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